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The brief: An amalgam of three organisations into one super-organisation. Their remit; secure $36.5B and 320,700 jobs for the Victorian economy, augment their reputation as global best-practice in the events and visitor industry and integrate the three successful organisations into one economic powerhouse.


  • Consolidate strategic insights and multiple documents, reports, and plans into a single-source strategic document to expedite integration of the three entities.
  • Utilize the strategy to create greater shareholder advocacy.
  • Expedite progress towards aspirational and unprecedented new organizational and industry objectives.


A comprehensive, compelling strategic narrative, concept model, journey, framework and strategic priorities.



The brief: To come alongside leaders to transform the social and economic potential of Huntington, West Virginia, to pursue a bold new strategic narrative, positioning them as global leaders in city and region revitalisation.


  • Convene Civic, Corporate and Community leaders, including State Senators, to understand and endorse this approach to strategy
  • Integrate macroeconomic infrastructure investments, institutional assets and high value, high-potential commercial and community programs, into a coherent new single-source strategic framework.
  • Position all 35 leaders to co-operate in an unprecedented, collaborative new partnership approach to strategy activation, increasing momentum and compressing timeframes to expedite city and regional transformation.

Key deliverables: strategic narrative, concept model and journey, framework and strategic priorities.



The brief: Find innovative new ways to deal with the productivity challenges across the Enforcement Directorate, impeding the organisations’ ability to successfully prosecute case loads and fulfil their Regulatory remit.


  • Convene the Executive team, legal teams, Special Counsels, Investigators and team leaders to deploy our specific leadership methodology to achieve a productivity turn-around.
  • Development of a high-level narrative to augment the real intent of the Enforcement Directorate vision, mission and policy mandate.
  • Create a benchmark leadership ethos and leadership practice acknowledged by other Directorates and other Regulatory bodies as best-practise.
  • Design and implement an ASIC-specific leadership framework and tools to ensure integration with project methodologies.



The brief: Engage with the Regional Vice-President and the executive of Reckitt Benckiser in order to facilitate the regional integration of Boots Healthcare into Reckitt Benckiser Asia-Pac. The global purchase of Boots Healthcare into the Reckitt Benckiser family necessitated substantial changes in the operating and business models, value proposition, culture and structure, exacerbated by both organisations operating in different channels.


  • Establish the new direction, including vision, strategic priorities and narrative for the merged entity, extrapolated to a five year strategic window.
  • Organisational redesign to implement the new entity, accommodating the substantial shifts in business and operating models and go-to-market strategy.
  • Establishment of a new leadership ethos to achieve two purposes; position the new Regional Vice- President and; address the key cultural challenges emerging from an strongly resisted merger and acquisition.


  • The strategic narrative, titled as ‘The Business I See’, construction of a clear set of strategic priorities to expedite the integration process.
  • Leadership development workshops and forums to establish a new ‘leadership language’ with seven primary tools to create a highly collaborative culture and advocacy for the new organisational narrative.
  • Design of a new organisational structure, with redefined roles and responsibilities, to support business success, maintain client and consumer advocacy and upgrade cultural effectiveness (productivity) in pursuit of strategic revenue targets


The brief: Work with executive and management teams from both Warner Home Video and Village Roadshow Entertainment on leadership and productivity upgrades across both organisations; facilitate the creation and implementation of a joint venture organisation, Warner Roadshow Entertainment, in line with prohibitive regulatory and trade-practises impositions.


  • Utilise a specific leadership framework and methodology to align the leadership teams from both organisations with a common leadership language and framework.
  • Create a high-level strategic narrative to position the JV organisation in the marketplace including structural redesign, to support the narrative and strategic intent.
  • Utilise leadership as the key productivity and business transformation mechanism.
  • Implementation of the leadership framework and requisite leadership tools to drive the strategic transformation.


Warner Bros


The brief: Engage the APAC Managing Director, executive and management teams in the transformation of Hitachi Data Systems from a market leading IT security and storage specialist into a broad based strategic IT security, storage and service entity.


  • Design a strategic narrative and define the requisite priorities to take Hitachi Data Systems into the next iteration of a business solutions, strategic security, storage and service solutions entity, whilst protecting the integrity of a complex but essential partnership network.
  • Reconstruct the Value Proposition in order to secure the advocacy of the partner network, with a view to strengthening the Value Proposition of their core offerings and implement an integrated. lower touch, self-sufficient channel model.
  • Transform the culture to make the structural changes necessary to integrate new strategic capabilities, maintain productivity and achieve marketshare and revenue expectations.


  • Development of a strategic (end-game) narrative, strategic priorities and journey* to clearly define the why, what and how of a comprehensive organisational and business model transformation.
  • Leadership development: residential forums, creating a new ‘language’ of leadership and drive the culture transformation.
  • Client research, insights and stakeholder analysis and report; re-designed Value Proposition along with a Strategic Account Development methodology to redefine the buying experience of clients and secure new ($29m) revenue outcomes.


Mark Deputy Executive Director, Australian Securities & Investment Commission.

“Addressing our productivity and stakeholder engagement challenges has been so effective, the outputs have exceeded expectations…We finally have a chance to put our accumulated intellect, knowledge and experience into practice and getting it to work for us. Quantifying such a clear narrative is not just essential for our executive but important in ensuring we don't waste another $1.5 million on misjudged attempts to fix our communication and execution problems.”

Dr. Charles Directors, Sydney Water Corporation.

“The insights you developed about our business, stakeholders, changes and teams contributed to a methodology superior to others we had previously commissioned. You and your team were extremely good, both professional and relaxed. The approach is highly engaging, intellectually challenging and intensely practical. You have achieved the improbable: raised our respect for management consulting!”

John Global VP, Warner Roadshow Entertainment.

“By a significant margin, this has been the best investment from learning, business transformation and leadership perspective I have spent since entering the workplace.”

David And Tory Managing Directors, Sydney And Melbourne, Savills

“You have achieved a thorough breakdown in suspicions, subtle political barriers and resistance as well as provided exactly the right methodology for achieving consensus on our direction and level of commitment. This methodology was a critically important step for all of us in this complex and difficult M&A. This time together has renewed our focus and achieved a level of synergy I would not have believed was possible.”

Mark VP, Warner Roadshow Entertainment, Hollywood, Burbank Studios, California

“Your contribution to our organisation has been key as we continue towards an even more demanding future. You have provided us with exactly the right tools and methodologies to solve extremely complex business issues, resolve difficult conflicts and ultimately create a way for us to properly document a new culture. Thank you. You have helped me grow, accelerated my learning curve and exposed me to significant and profound experiences. I feel that I am a much bigger executive today than I was three years ago. Same goes for all of my executive team.”

Chris CEO RussellCorp.

“We have now a powerful and clear transformative plan for the next five year horizon, a new sense of teamwork and a new powerful leadership language to directs us toward our vision. The cultural lift has been immediately recognised by all employees across the broader organisation. The entire initiative has been a watershed activity that has helped raise energy levels and reinstate our ‘Mojo’. The methodology style delivery and outcomes have exceeded my expectations, placing our business on a very positive path forward.”

Roz Wilson General Manager, Village Roadshow.

“I first resisted your engagement, believing I was a) past it and b) consulting was a ‘new age’ expense Village Roadshow did not need. I have made a complete U-turn and now have exhorted all of my colleagues to do the same. I was a total disbeliever in this type of thing. It is important for all our executive and Managers to undertake your approach, so that they will know what their staff will be raving about. That is why and how I got involved. We have split the cost between divisions and it has been the best money we have spent for years.”

Lindsay Regional VP, Reckitt Benckiser.

“In summary I see the partnership with you addressing my and the business needs from the perspective of our integration, including our complex leadership challenges. Personally, I am thrilled by the substantial lift/ transformation that has taken place, as are all management, who each benefit from the maximum bonus payments and outstanding business results delivered over these last two years.”

Bruce Planning And Sourcing Manager, Russell Athletic-Spalding-Sherrin.

“As I mentioned to my colleagues, this initiative reminded me so much of the book and learnings taken from One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. When the fog machine was figuratively dismantled, self-doubt, mistrust, victimisation and lack of vision and direction were chased away. They were in turn replaced with a new sense of empowerment, confidence, trust, judgement, leadership and teamwork.”

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