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Edmund Koza

When you need to overcome disruptive, complex and challenging industry forces and set-up your organisation for the next iteration of its success, the design and communication of a clear, distinctive and compelling strategic pathway is non-negotiable. The Managing Director of Augment Consulting, Edmund has 25 years’ experience in the provision of strategy and leadership interventions for CEOs and their organisations. Edmund has worked with organisations as diverse as Warner Bros., Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Dupont, Sydney Ferries and the Australian Securities Investment Commission. He has established a unique reputation as an innovative, cutting edge pragmatist, helping clients realise unprecedented strategic, commercial, and productivity objectives. Clients refer to the differentiators; meaningfully challenging thinking and convention, providing deep, new insights, and ensuring clients mitigate against the causes of strategy or leadership failure. Clients experience substantial compression of time frames to realise organisational objectives, coupled with an advocacy and engagement not usually expected in times of complex and difficult change. Edmund’s strong analytical skills, multi-industry experience and genuine understanding of people, combined with this pragmatic approach to strategy and problem solving, are the keys to clients ability to overcome complex strategic challenges. edmund@augmentcg.com

Andrew Dwight

With a background spanning education, medicine, and human-system transformation, Andrew’s broad experience has assisted organisations across Australia, North America and New Zealand. Starting in the medical field, he then transitioned to education, working as an educator, educational leader, and academic focusing on creativity and social transformation. Andrew has experience in driving complex change and productivity upgrades through aligning a diverse group of people around a common purpose. In addition to leadership and transformation roles, Andrew has spoken at conferences across Australia, New Zealand and North America on topics such as design and transformation, education, creativity, and bioethics. Andrew has helped numerous organisations and communities with designing, activating and executing strategic transformation, enhancing the ability of individuals to contribute meaningfully to corporate and social change. andrew@augmentcg.com

Michael Dudley

As a founder, leader, and director of multi-national businesses, Michael understands that people, their wellbeing and contribution are the heart-beat of any successful organization. With initial training in finance and economics, Michael moved quickly into marketing, using his deep understanding of people and behaviours to be a successful leader with companies such as Coca Cola, Spalding, and Puma. From marketing, Michael transitioned to the Human Resources industry, working with large multinational FMCG organizations on Culture and Transformation. In 2003 he was approached to establish a new listed entity – Talent 2 – as GM of their Recruitment and Consulting divisions. Michael was the key figure in driving large scale Culture and Change projects to build what became a very successful global business. In 2009 he established Who Group, a Human Capital Firm. Now based in the USA, Michael works to upgrade levels of trust for his clients – simplifying the complex for businesses across many industries as well as identifying and dealing with the inhibitors of organizational transformation. michael@augmentcg.com

Sean Morris

USA Business Development Sean brings to Augment a wide range of business, entrepreneurial and transformation experiences. With doctoral studies in leadership, Sean has worked in Europe, USA, Africa, and Australia both as a builder of successful businesses and as a coach and consultant for emerging and established entrepreneurs. Sean inspires executives and business owners with revolutionary insights that position them to see new possibilities and aspire to new levels of success. He is a strong advocate of outcomes based strategic design and his successes have demonstrated that as an organisations’ people achieve clarity and flourish in their contribution, so does the enterprise sean@augmentcg.com
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